How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Devices: Ultimate Guide

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Devices: Ultimate Guide

Photos are the treasure of someone’s past. They remind you of your awesome childhood memories. But what If you have accidentally deleted your photos? Most people would want to recover deleted photos in case they don’t have a backup.

There are various ways to recover your deleted photos. Some apps and software claim that they can recover your deleted photos, but all of them are not true. Some of these apps are just a waste of time. So, here, we will tell you some tips for recovering your lost photos:

How to Restore Photos on Android using Google Photos?

If you have installed Google Photos on your phone before the deletion of photos, then it is very simple to recover them. You just go to google photos, and there you will find an option named “trash”. Just click there, and a folder will be opened with all the deleted photos.

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Tap on a photo and hold it for a second, and you will get two options. If you want to delete the photo permanently, you can and if you want to restore it, just hit the restore button. Google photos keep your deleted photos for 60 days, after which the photos are permanently deleted. So it is better to restore your photos as early as possible.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Microsoft one drive?

You can also recover your deleted photos with the help of a Microsoft one drive. It is also a very simple way to get access to your deleted photos. Just open the Microsoft one drive app and tap the “recycle bin” option. You may find this option in the menu named “My”.
Now select those photos which you need to be recovered and click the restore button. Remember that Microsoft one drive stores your deleted files for 30 days compared to google photos that keep your files for 60 days.

Recover Deleted Photos through Dropbox?

To restore deleted photos or files with Dropbox, first, you need to sign in to the Dropbox application. On the left sidebar, you will find an icon named “deleted files”. Tap on this icon, and you will see all your deleted stuff.

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